Service NoTrip RouteTrip TimingsDurationBus Type
7055KRMR – MGBS00:40 → 03:403 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7001KRMR – MGBS01:20 → 04:353 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7003KRMR – MGBS02:40 → 05:352 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7051KRMR – JBS03:45 → 07:003 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7053KRMR – JBS04:50 → 08:053 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7045KRMR – JBS05:50 → 09:053 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7143Karimnagar-BNG06:00 → 10:004 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7041KRMR – JBS06:30 → 09:303 hrsGARUDA(VOLVO)
7091KRMR – MGBS06:30 → 09:453 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7009KRMR – JBS07:00 → 10:453 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7093KRMR – JBS07:30 → 10:453 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7011KRMR – JBS08:00 → 11:153 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7059KRMR – JBS08:30 → 11:453 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7047KRMR – JBS09:00 → 12:153 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7013KRMR – JBS09:20 → 12:353 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7015Karimnagar-MGBS10:00 → 13:153 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7063KRMR – JBS11:00 → 14:153 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7067KRMR – JBS12:20 → 15:353 hrsSUPER LUXURY
1313KRMR – JBS12:30 → 15:002 hrsGARUDA PLUS (VOLVO)
7095KRMR – MGBS13:00 → 16:153 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7021KRMR – JBS14:00 → 17:153 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7023KRMR – JBS14:45 → 18:003 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7027KRMR – JBS16:00 → 19:153 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7029KRMR – JBS16:30 → 19:453 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7019KRMR – MGBS16:45 → 20:003 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7079KRMR – BNG17:30 → 21:153 hrsGARUDA PLUS
7071Karimnagar-MGBS17:30 → 20:453 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7035KRMR – MGBS19:45 → 23:003 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7007KRMR – MGBS20:30 → 23:453 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7085KRMR – MGBS23:00 → 02:153 hrsSUPER LUXURY
7075KRMR – MGBS23:50 → 03:053 hrsSUPER LUXURY

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