Bangalore to Hubli

Departure TimeService OriginVia Route ArrivalService Destination
Trip Code(Boarding Point) (Alighting Point)
AC SLEEPER , Services : 3 
20:15Bengaluruhubli dharwad( jayanagar 4th05:30Belagavi
2130BNGBGMJayanagar 4th Blk Bmtc Bs Ph -26651044HUBLIbelagavi central b.s.
2245BNGYLPJayanagar 4th Blk Bmtc Bs Ph -26651044HUBLIyellapur bus stand
23:15Bengalurudavangere hubli dharwad06:00Belagavi
2315BNGBGMKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIbelagavi central b.s.
AIRAVAT CLUB CLASS , Services : 3          
20:30Bengalurutumkur hubli dharwad belgaum03:35Kolhapur
2030BNGKLPKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIkolhapur b.s.
22:10Bengalurutumkur haveri hubli dharwad05:20Belagavi
2210BNGBGMKempegowda Bs Terminal-1 (Opp. Sangam)HUBLIbelagavi central b.s.
23:00Bengaluruhaveri [spitl 1530chnhbl]06:00Hubballi
2300BNGHBLKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIhubballi new b.s.
AIRAVAT GOLD CLASS , Services : 2          
21:18Bengaluruhubli dharwad [split- chn]05:45Belagavi
2118BNGBGMKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIbelagavi central b.s.
22:30Bengaluruhbl dharwad[1600tptbgm split]06:00Belagavi
2230BNGBGMKempegowda Bs Terminal-1 (Opp. Sangam)HUBLIbelagavi central b.s.
KARNATAKA SARIGE , Services : 3   
1001BNGBLHKempegowda Bs Terminal-1 (Opp. Sangam)HUBLIbailhongal b.s.
1101BNGHBLKempegowda Bs Terminal-1 (Opp. Sangam)HUBLIhubballi new b.s.
21:21Bengaluruhubli dharwad05:31Belagavi
2121BNGBGMKempegowda Bs Terminal-1 (Opp. Sangam)HUBLIbelagavi central b.s.
NON AC SLEEPER , Services : 3   
2145BNGHBLShanthinagar Bs (Double Road) 7760990531HUBLIhubballi new b.s.
2231BNGHBLVijaynagar Bmtc Ttmc B.S.HUBLIhubballi new b.s.
2330BNGDWRKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIdharwar new b. s.
RAJAHAMSA EXECUTIVE , Services : 11   
19:01Bengaluruhubli belgaum chikkodi04:16Sadalga
1901BNGSGAKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIsadalga bus stand
1933BNGBGMKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIbelagavi central b.s.
20:36Bengaluruhubli dharwar04:30Belagavi
2036BNGBGMKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIbelagavi central b.s.
20:44Bengalurusplit [tpt-dnd] hubli05:45Dandeli
2044BNGDNDKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIdandeli bus stand
20:47Bengalurudharwar/saudathi yergatti05:30Gokak
2047BNGGKKKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIgokak bus stand
21:14Bengaluruhaveri hubli dharwar05:00Bailahongala
2114BNGBLHKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIbailhongal b.s.
2213BNGHBLVijaynagar Bmtc Ttmc B.S.HUBLIhubballi new b.s.
2130BNGSDTKempegowda Bs [Majestic]HUBLIsaundatti bus stand
2336BNGHBLShanthinagar Bmtc Bs Opp Hotel KadambaHUBLIhubballi new b.s.
2230BNGHBLKempegowda Bs Terminal-1 (Opp. Sangam)HUBLIhubballi new b.s.
2358BNGHBLMysore Road Satellite Bs 7760990530HUBLIhubballi new b.s.

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Bangalore to Hubli Bus Timings, KSRTC

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